Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making it a Habit

One thing that had been keeping me busy was training for my first 5k race : ) From Sept. to Oct. I was trying to "love" running, but let me just tell you there is NOthing to love about running... ha! I was running mostly on the treadmill and I was really trying to stick with it this time. I have not been able get into a running routine before, I just prefer the e-machine. However, I was challenged to do a 5k and I CANNOT turn down a challenge ; )

During the month of training I continued to become frustrated b/c I could never find a passion for it, but I finally accepted the idea that NO one "loves" running, but it becomes a habit. You learn to use that time to think over the day, de-stress, for me talk with the LORD and be at peace. I am proud to say I over came my hatred for running and had an AMAZING time running my first 5k on 10-10-10. I really like the idea of accomplishing something that most people have never even consider doing. I AM A 5ker ; )

P.S. I was REALLY inspired by the half and full marathon runners, but I NEVER plan on doing that! If you ever want to be inspired to run just go watch the ending of their races and cheer them on to the finish line... it is AMAZING! Now I just have to keep up with my running and I definitely plan on doing another 5k run!

I Challenge YOU to take on a Challenge for yourself! 
What have you been putting off lately?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too Long - Still Inspired

It has been way tooo long since my last post... During summer it was easy to keep up with this and to keep up with my photography. Now with school I get so busy grading papers, preparing lessons, attending small town functions, and READING so many amazing books I never seem to be able to sit down to post. (Currently reading The Host, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda ; ) and The Five Love Languages.)

I will post more updates of what has been keeping me so busy lately... first I would like to share this awe inspiring artist that is working on 50 State Dresses, amazing work and photography. The Willow Creek Dress in Wyoming is AMAZING!

Current Dilemma - What to be for Halloween?

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