Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday no Saturday no Sunday no Monday Five

Ha, so I was attempting to make this post on Friday and next thing I knew the weekend flew by. So instead of Random Five Friday it has now turned into Random Five Monday...

1. Make You Smile Project

My mother in-law had surgery therefore I set out to make her another flower arrangement in a coffee mug that matches her previous one, this time with carnations (that's her fav flower).

2. Rant and Rav
So, I don't usually post about make-up, but I really feel ripped off on this new mascara that I picked up in purple. It is by the same company that I love their Define-a-Lash (green tube), because I have really long eyelashes and therefore do not need much for my eyelashes. However, stay way from their "Falsies" just leaves my eyelashes chunky.

3. Just finished a fun book...
I started reading the Sky is Everywhere after it was suggested by Olivia Carter from Gnome Sweet Gnome, she has an awesome book list called Year of Books to check out! I really enjoyed this book which had a different kind of love triangle going on, lots of emotions, and also brings out your creative side/thinking.

4. Finished an Eating Challenge
I tried this 7-day eating plan called Eat to Loose Pounds to rev up my metabolism and I am very proud to report I DID IT! It felt really good to be able to resist LOTS of temptations, especially on V-day! I stuck to it lost a few pounds as a bonus, but gained so much confidence in my determination to eat healthy everyday. I no longer like the word "diet", but enjoy the challenge of eating healthier choices to make my body run like a machine ; )

5. 2nd 5k of 2011
Another challenge I want to try to tackle this year is at least 1 5k per month for the year. I just started running these at the end of last year (2 total) and have become addicted! NO I don't just LOVE running, but I have learned to enjoy the challenge. "Quitting is forever, pain is temporary!" So, I ran one in Jan. in Houston, this weekend I will be running one in Fort Worth, signed up for one in Tyler for March, and look forward to running the Blue Bell race in April! 2 down 10 more to go!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

Just got back from Walmart and saved 15 dollars in coupons... these websites are easy to use and do not require membership!

Red Plum Coupons

Smart Source Coupons

One of my goals lately is to get back into coupons and not buying things just b/c I have a coupon... but instead finding coupons for what I know I normally purchase. Well, so far this goal has bee successfully lets see if eating better will be!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiring Article by Charles Stanley

Great article to keep our minds focused on who/what matters the most!

Sticking to the devotional book... "The One Year... Women's Friendship Devotional" with my friend Amanda! We are miles apart, but through commitment to this challenge and Facebook we have been able to daily find time for Him!

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