Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Treat

Another rave goes out to a new peanut butter I have tried from Peanut Butter & Co. I first tried their Dark Chocolate Dream and used it with bananas in my Green Monster for a sweet twist! After trying this flavor out in their sample/individual sized squeeze pack I decided to invest in the White Chocolate Wonderful in the full size. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! At 180 calories for 2 tablespoons it is similar if not better than normal peanut butter. I have chosen to use this on my Bagel Thins in the morning and it is a nice change to regular peanut butter. So, if you are looking for something to tame that sweet tooth or you are one that likes fluff-a-nutter sandwiches check this out!

I promise my next post will be about something other than food and I will include better photographs ; ) Hope you are enjoying the "sweet" life!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trying New Things - Food Rants and Raves

Came home today to find my flaxseed in the mail! Super excited about trying to use it in my Green Monsters! I am just trying to find small ways to become a healthier eater and trying to see food more as fuel for my body than just something I consume!

Well, that inspired me to post about some of the  new foods I have tried this week... Bagel Thins, Sandwich Thins, and Greek Yogurt. I love, love, love the bagel thins... everyone tells you to stay away from bagels b/c of high calories, however now I can enjoy one at 110 calories (BOTH SIDES) and consume some whole grains. I even found Philadelphia Low-fat Strawberry Cream Cheese at 2tbl./40 cals. Really hit the spot for my craving of bagels. Also, been eating 1/2 of a bagel with PB for breakfast along side a small green monster, great way to start the day!

A lot like the bagel thins is Sandwich Thins which I enjoyed with avocado and turkey for lunch the other day. It was yummy and another way to get in some whole grains! However, there are many breads out there that are low in cal like Nature's Own Honey Wheat Light 2 slices/80 cals. So, its a toss up on the healthy side, but a good way to change up the sandwiches!

One last new food item Greek Yogurt... I have heard SO much about this product and how great the protein is in them, but I was hesitant to test it out. I just was afraid of the taste and texture. However, I was surprised by the texture was not strange at all... the yogurt just tastes very plain. Thought I had the plain flavor, but I actually picked up the honey vanilla and did not find it to taste anything like its name. I just added some fresh raspberries to the mix and enjoyed this high protein snack after working out. Don't think I will pick this one up again at $1 6 oz/130 cal. I'll probably just stick to my light regular yogurt.

Well, again I would like to just point out I am NOT a healthy nut nor workout junkie, but I know its the small things that can turn into bigger things and maybe just maybe become a habit! I hope I did not bore you and instead inspired you to think about what you are eating and why you are eating it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Okay this post maybe random, but I warned you ; )
So I am starting to find joy in the simple things for example working out. I know this sounds crazy, trust me I am not the workout type. However, I have begun to enjoy it b/c this time I am doing it for ME! I am a short person with a short torso and there is only one place for fat to go... well I have tried many times over the years to get into working out and I believe I just haven't done it for the right reason... its been for weddings, my wedding included, beach body, being single, looking good for a boyfriend, etc. Now, I am doing just for me! Simple thing turned from hatred to joy in each step!

While I was at the gym today the World Cup was on, I am not one to get into this, but I noticed something... when a player makes a goal there is pure joy on their faces after wards. It was amazing to just watch the joy take over the team, the coaches, the fans when someone scored a goal! May I also add that those soccer boys look good doing what they find joy in. I just wonder how do they keep their hair looking that good while playing!?!?!

Tonight the husband is away so I am going find joy in the Chipmunks Squeakquel ; ) I know sounds childish, but when I was little I ALWAYS thought there should be a Chipmunks movie and now there is two!!

Find joy in the little things, happiness doesn't "just happen" you have to make it happen. A pessimistic person can make anything a chore, but an optimistic person finds joy all around them!

~Picture of a salt/pepper shaker set that I HAD to buy b/c I thought it was cute, but now I just see pure joy!~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trying to become a Crafty DIYer!

I have been dying to find a cheap/creative way to organize my jewelry and the one type I have a lot of is earrings... not much of a girlie girl, but trying to learn : ) Anyways, I was "antiquing" with my mother in-law Friday and found this screen for $3
Expandable and all... Well as with many things I knew a can of spray paint could fix this right up!
The perfect little earring holder and now I realized I don't have that many earrings... hum!
Next project... turn this 5 dollar find:
Into... idea/pic borrowed from another blog
a planter for around the tool shed!
Again, I am in no way a DIYer, but with small projects I am trying to learn to be crafty everyday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Blog I am Addicted to!

Check out the blog "The Fit Collegiate
Wow, I wish I could have eaten like her my freshman year of college! Ha! 

Spent way too much time looking at all her meals and then researching different food items. During my freshman year of college it was all Chick-Fil-A and Freebirds' burritos! Oh well trying to eat good now! Does anyone have suggestions for good "healthy eating" type blogs?
College picture - Aggie Rings on Kyle Field - Taken By Me - Senior Yr.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rants and Raves

First the Raves, I have completed one of my summer goals to finish reading Catching Fire and boy am I glad I did. I completed the book in four days and now I am left waiting until after summer to finish the series when Mockingjay comes out! This series starting with Hunger Games has a very strange concept, but is worth the time! Again, being a middle school teacher I enjoy books from their library ; )

Now for the rants... UGH I looked at our flight schedule for Cancun and noticed that I could pick seats for the four of us however when I completed selection for both departing and returning flights I noticed it wanted me to check-out... turns out they will allow you to pick your seats for an extra 8 dollars a person per flight!!! This on top of having to pay 20 bucks (one way) for our first bag, and let me remind you this is an INTERNATIONAL flight,is just plain rediculous!!!

Okay, rant over!Hopefully more Raves to come!

~ Pictures of waves from Canyon Lake, By ME, Inspiration the thought of sitting on the beach in Cancun Finally!~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Okay, just some random thoughts on some random food combos I like...

- Peanut Butter on Pancakes
- Mayo and Ketchup Mixed for French Fries
- Cottage Cheese and Apple Sauce
- Real Mayo and Banana Slices
- Peas and Mashed Potatoes (from when I was a kid)

I know some people like Frostys and French Fries or Mayo on their Hot Dogs, but I can't seem to care for those. What are some other random food combos that you like?

~Random Squirrel Picture Taken at Ink's lake by Me~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blogs I am Addicted to : )

I am truly addicted to these blogs:

Gnome Sweet Gnome
Inspires me to be the crafty mom type one day!


Style for Style
Inspires me to start crafty projects around the house!

I have stayed up just looking at their old posts!
You should be following them!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Plans

Well, I thought I would add some "goals" for this summer:

~ Get into card making, using my photos
~ Walk at the Nature Preserve on a WEEKLY basis
~ Make a WEEKLY blog post of my photography
~ Work out AT LEAST 3 times a week
~ Paint all of the frames I have been collecting
~ Be CRAFTY at least ONCE a week
~ Eat less fried foods and less sugar, NO SODAS
~ Jump the wake this summer on the wakeboard
~ Read "Catching Fire" and start the Wimpy Kid series
(I'm a 6th grade reading teacher, this will explain the last goal)
~ Build an area for vines to grow by the tool shed
(include old tool boxes in my design)

On going list... more in the future! Oh and enjoy our vacation in Mexico!! : ) ~Photos by ME - Panoramic shots of shreddin'~

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