Monday, November 22, 2010


Admiration - as I have said before I have been very busy with many different events happening in my life. One that has taken me awhile to talk about is that of a good friend of mine had to head back over to Afghanistan for his second tour of duty. He left close to the end of September and had to say goodbye to his wife of one year. She is one of my best, dear friends and all I can say about her is how I admire her strength. We went with them and their families to see him off at the airport... it was one of those life changing moments to see all the families, loved ones saying good bye to their soldiers for the year.

I am truly grateful for both of their friendships and know that this will get better... each day leads to one more closer to him coming home. One thing that has stuck with me is that her and his family all asked me to take care of her... I am at lost to how I can help. I try to find ways to keep her busy, but I know that nothing could make this situation better. The only answer I have is prayers lots of prayers. They are both truly an inspiration and a great example of how we should not take our relationships for granted!

I also caught this article and this story is truly inspiring... I admire this woman's strength to forgive and to let go. She has taken something that most people can't imagine and let it bring her strength instead of letting the pain consume her. I hope these two stories give you hope through out your day...

Remember what your thankful for even when it is not Thanksgiving season : )

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