Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday no Saturday no Sunday no Monday Five

Ha, so I was attempting to make this post on Friday and next thing I knew the weekend flew by. So instead of Random Five Friday it has now turned into Random Five Monday...

1. Make You Smile Project

My mother in-law had surgery therefore I set out to make her another flower arrangement in a coffee mug that matches her previous one, this time with carnations (that's her fav flower).

2. Rant and Rav
So, I don't usually post about make-up, but I really feel ripped off on this new mascara that I picked up in purple. It is by the same company that I love their Define-a-Lash (green tube), because I have really long eyelashes and therefore do not need much for my eyelashes. However, stay way from their "Falsies" just leaves my eyelashes chunky.

3. Just finished a fun book...
I started reading the Sky is Everywhere after it was suggested by Olivia Carter from Gnome Sweet Gnome, she has an awesome book list called Year of Books to check out! I really enjoyed this book which had a different kind of love triangle going on, lots of emotions, and also brings out your creative side/thinking.

4. Finished an Eating Challenge
I tried this 7-day eating plan called Eat to Loose Pounds to rev up my metabolism and I am very proud to report I DID IT! It felt really good to be able to resist LOTS of temptations, especially on V-day! I stuck to it lost a few pounds as a bonus, but gained so much confidence in my determination to eat healthy everyday. I no longer like the word "diet", but enjoy the challenge of eating healthier choices to make my body run like a machine ; )

5. 2nd 5k of 2011
Another challenge I want to try to tackle this year is at least 1 5k per month for the year. I just started running these at the end of last year (2 total) and have become addicted! NO I don't just LOVE running, but I have learned to enjoy the challenge. "Quitting is forever, pain is temporary!" So, I ran one in Jan. in Houston, this weekend I will be running one in Fort Worth, signed up for one in Tyler for March, and look forward to running the Blue Bell race in April! 2 down 10 more to go!


  1. Oh! I'm SOOOO glad you liked the book! I knew it was one of those that some people might not like, but it was so beautifully written I HAD to recommend it! :)

    And HOORAY for you getting all healthy!

  2. I thought the issue with the falsies was just me! It's a bad product!

    Also, love your 5k challenge!


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