Friday, March 19, 2010


I do not know where this may lead me, nor do I know what it will say. However, I hope to be captivating and inspiring. "Aspire to Inspire"

As long as this is productive not destructive I will continue to post and attempt to put into words what my mind is contemplating.

I love photography and do not believe that I am a photographer. I just feel more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Therefore, I will post time to time pictures that inspire me. Again, it may not be amazing and I agree that there are too many "photographers" out there in cyberspace!

I do not believe that I am all knowing nor perfect. I do however take a stance on many subjects and therefore some of what I post may be strongly opinionated. If you agree or agree to disagree I accept other thoughts on any topic.

~Photo by ME - Colorado 3/2010

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