Friday, August 13, 2010

Secret Obsessions

Okay, they may not be obsessions but here are a few things that I just love! I LOVE coffee mugs/travel mugs/water bottles/cups! 
Example my newest addition on the right:
This blue lovely cup comes with an attached lid and straw... I seem to have an obsession for straws as well! The pink one on the the left is my trusty water bottle that I keep filled for school! Tip for consuming more water - add a packet of Splenda to it! I love the hint of sweetness in my water that the Splenda gives it and it keeps me coming back for more WATER! By the way I ALWAYS find these cups on sale like the blue one I found today at Ross for 2 bucks and the pink one I found at Walmart for a dollar last summer when they put all their plastic things on clearance! My hubby did not understand how I could get so excited about a cup : )

Next new found obsession is COUPONS! :) Yes, I am that crazy woman that holds up the line with 10 different coupons, but hey if it saves me a little here and there then I can splurge a little on something else!
The picture below shows how I saved 6 dollars on make-up/toiletry items today... just something small that makes me smile! I love to leave coupons on items at the store when I don't use them/need them right now and the the coupon is about to expire! 

And one more random obsession EMINEM... yes I know, but I have always had a secret love for his music and maybe a little for his "bad boy" image. Do you have any secret/fun obsessions that most people don't know about you?  Also, anyone know of any good coupon websites that are worth my time and effort?

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  1. Weird obsessions? Humm... I probably have a lot but don't know it's weird :) I guess gnomes? And TAB soda?

    I don't do the coupon thing but I wish I did. There are a lot of great sites out there. Pinching Your Pennies is the only one I know of.


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