Monday, August 2, 2010

August Already

Well, I realized it has been over a month since my last post! Sorry for being a slow blogger! I guess my summer goal of blogging once a week is WAY out of the picture! O Well! I included pics from our Cancun trip... which was AMAZING! We had the opportunity to go with another couple and stay at The Royal in Cancun (HIGHLY recommended). I realized after looking at these pics I must have an obsession with taking pics of my feet, but then it hit me its just My View : )

Enjoying the last bit of my summer since August means the start of a new school year, but a plus this year it means my 1st anniversary with my hubby AND my 25th b-day! The Cancun trip was our anniversary celebration since the couple that went with us will also celebrate their first ann. this Sept., but he will be in Afghanistan by then : ( For my b-day present I got a heart rate monitor watch/chest band to keep me motivated with my exercising!

I guess that is enough for now, but what keeps you motivated to exercise? Are there any really fun workouts that just keep you going?

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  1. Oh man, I went to Cancun with my family when I was like 10, and I still remember how lovely it was. Looks just as awesome. I gotta get back there someday!


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