Monday, June 14, 2010

Rants and Raves

First the Raves, I have completed one of my summer goals to finish reading Catching Fire and boy am I glad I did. I completed the book in four days and now I am left waiting until after summer to finish the series when Mockingjay comes out! This series starting with Hunger Games has a very strange concept, but is worth the time! Again, being a middle school teacher I enjoy books from their library ; )

Now for the rants... UGH I looked at our flight schedule for Cancun and noticed that I could pick seats for the four of us however when I completed selection for both departing and returning flights I noticed it wanted me to check-out... turns out they will allow you to pick your seats for an extra 8 dollars a person per flight!!! This on top of having to pay 20 bucks (one way) for our first bag, and let me remind you this is an INTERNATIONAL flight,is just plain rediculous!!!

Okay, rant over!Hopefully more Raves to come!

~ Pictures of waves from Canyon Lake, By ME, Inspiration the thought of sitting on the beach in Cancun Finally!~

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