Monday, June 21, 2010

Trying to become a Crafty DIYer!

I have been dying to find a cheap/creative way to organize my jewelry and the one type I have a lot of is earrings... not much of a girlie girl, but trying to learn : ) Anyways, I was "antiquing" with my mother in-law Friday and found this screen for $3
Expandable and all... Well as with many things I knew a can of spray paint could fix this right up!
The perfect little earring holder and now I realized I don't have that many earrings... hum!
Next project... turn this 5 dollar find:
Into... idea/pic borrowed from another blog
a planter for around the tool shed!
Again, I am in no way a DIYer, but with small projects I am trying to learn to be crafty everyday!

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