Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Plans

Well, I thought I would add some "goals" for this summer:

~ Get into card making, using my photos
~ Walk at the Nature Preserve on a WEEKLY basis
~ Make a WEEKLY blog post of my photography
~ Work out AT LEAST 3 times a week
~ Paint all of the frames I have been collecting
~ Be CRAFTY at least ONCE a week
~ Eat less fried foods and less sugar, NO SODAS
~ Jump the wake this summer on the wakeboard
~ Read "Catching Fire" and start the Wimpy Kid series
(I'm a 6th grade reading teacher, this will explain the last goal)
~ Build an area for vines to grow by the tool shed
(include old tool boxes in my design)

On going list... more in the future! Oh and enjoy our vacation in Mexico!! : ) ~Photos by ME - Panoramic shots of shreddin'~

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