Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Okay this post maybe random, but I warned you ; )
So I am starting to find joy in the simple things for example working out. I know this sounds crazy, trust me I am not the workout type. However, I have begun to enjoy it b/c this time I am doing it for ME! I am a short person with a short torso and there is only one place for fat to go... well I have tried many times over the years to get into working out and I believe I just haven't done it for the right reason... its been for weddings, my wedding included, beach body, being single, looking good for a boyfriend, etc. Now, I am doing just for me! Simple thing turned from hatred to joy in each step!

While I was at the gym today the World Cup was on, I am not one to get into this, but I noticed something... when a player makes a goal there is pure joy on their faces after wards. It was amazing to just watch the joy take over the team, the coaches, the fans when someone scored a goal! May I also add that those soccer boys look good doing what they find joy in. I just wonder how do they keep their hair looking that good while playing!?!?!

Tonight the husband is away so I am going find joy in the Chipmunks Squeakquel ; ) I know sounds childish, but when I was little I ALWAYS thought there should be a Chipmunks movie and now there is two!!

Find joy in the little things, happiness doesn't "just happen" you have to make it happen. A pessimistic person can make anything a chore, but an optimistic person finds joy all around them!

~Picture of a salt/pepper shaker set that I HAD to buy b/c I thought it was cute, but now I just see pure joy!~

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